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Essex’s mission is to provide industry with custom designed and installed computer based control systems. Most of our control systems have been sold to the carpet industry.  Many of these systems are applicable to other industries as well.  The Essex product list gives a description of each product. Click on the product of your choice for a complete description of the product.

Essex Incorporated


The Modern Tufting Department:

  With our service center located in the heart of the Carpet Industry (Dalton, GA), and with over 150 years total carpet manufacturing experience, Essex, Inc. is committed to providing not only state-of-the-art Tufting Machine automation, but also unparalleled service to our carpet manufacturing customers. We fully understand that factory automation is of very little value without the service and training to back it up. Essex not only provides our customers with automation products that improve carpet quality, increase production efficiency and productivity; we also add real value to these products with outstanding service!




Our one and only goal is Enduring Tufting Department Profitability.


           We assist our customers in realizing this goal by not only solving production problems, but also by having an equity interest in the solutions. All of the products we offer are developed by partnering with our customers to solve automation-related problems on the factory floor.


           Once the problem is solved and we are ready to deliver the solution in the form of finished products, we never simply send you a product and then let you worry about installation, etc. Instead, we take the “application engineering” approach: each tufting machine is unique and requires a unique solution. A project engineer will inspect each tufting machine and design the product specifically for that particular machine.

           The process that follows is: pre-planned installation by our experienced installation crew, start-up by our technicians, operator training by a qualified technician with operator experience and after-sales service to be sure that managers, fixers, electricians and operators are all satisfied.

           We also strongly suggest that you enroll in our ongoing Preventive Maintenance Program so that you can rest assured that our equipment will continue to produce results long after it is installed.


           May we assist you in solving many of the same problems that we have already solved for our other customers?


Things not adding up in your Tufting Department?


           Mend Defects too High? Efficiency doesn’t meet standards? Production too low? Costs too High? Etc., Etc., Etc…


         You’ve invested blood, sweat and tears in your Tufting Department and can get pretty upset when the numbers just refuse to add up. But they can, with the help of Essex’s Process and Automation Controls designed exclusively for Tufting Machines.


           Essex has been committed to supplying the Tufting Industry with the highest standard of automation controls for decades. We can boast of having a combined total of more than one hundred and fifty years of tufting experience to lean on . We don’t say that our process control products are the cheapest, but our “application engineering” approach is definitely the most cost-effective for your business, and has been proven to be the most successful over time with more than one thousand total installations.


           We continually address tufting automation problems by investing in innovative, state-of-the-art solutions, such as our newest line of control products, The New Dimension Zero Mend Systems. As always, our New Dimension  products are designed with flexibility in mind, because residential carpet does not require the same solution as commercial, or hospitality carpet. You can rest assured that we have a solution for you, and that solution will be application-engineered for your unique process while utilizing state-of-the-art technology.


           We know that talk is cheap and the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, let us show you that our products can assist you in achieving: improved quality, increased efficiency, higher productivity, more on-time deliveries, and greater customer satisfaction.

All with one aim in mind: Enduring Tufting Department Profitability.

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