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Smart System

Essex Incorporated

Innovative Solutions since 1978

Essex offers a highly productive information infrastructure to make every part of your process knowledge based, knowledge driven and knowledge intensive.

· Graphical programming that documents the manufacturing process so it can be understood across a broad set of disciplines.

· A system that replaces “islands of information” with a networked solution that connects the factory floor tot eh rest of the enterprise.

· A wireless Local Area Network (LAN) communication system to transmit data efficiency and accurately in real time. In other words, a tool-set that makes continuous process improvement a reality and eliminates the uncertainty of modifying control codes to accomplish improvements in machine cycle times and quality.

System Configurations:

· Powerful PLCs that provide precise and high-speed control of tufting equipment while integrating process data needed to keep productivity at optimal levels.

· Touch Screen Operator Interface with written codes for ease of transferring information from the operator to the Control Infrastructure.

· Wireless communication to facilitate transference of production data in “real-time”

· Data gathering software designed as information level supervisory control system, based on a high-speed distributed control network.