Opti-Guide Backing Positioning System

Opti-Guide I:

             Least expensive system, configured with one sensor set (2 sensors) above the backing to guide the backing from one edge only. Best suited to position backing relative to one side of the machine. Will not compensate for normal backing width variations, except from the sensor side.

Opti-Guide II:

             Configured with a sensor set (2 sensors in each sensor set) on each side of the backing material. The backing edge on both sides of the backing material is positioned between the two sensors of each sensor set. The backing is automatically centered between the two sensor sets. Will compensate for backing width changes on both sides of the backing material.

Opti-Guide III:

             True center-line guiding system designed to compensate for nominal web width changes (for example, from 12 ft. to 15 ft.) while at the same time centering the backing web by compensating for small width variations (plus or minus 0.125”).  Motorized sensor modules “seek” the backing edges on start-up, eliminating the need to adjust them manually.

The Essex Inc. Opti-Guide Backing Positioning System is designed to guide the backing web to the entrance pin roller  using an automatically controlled actuator and sensor modules.

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