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Tru-Tension Backing Control System

Essex Incorporated

Innovative Solutions since 1978


 Minimizes stop/start marks.

 Consistently uniform tension from full backing roll to empty roll.

 Side matching problems are minimized and in many cases eliminated altogether.

 Eliminates wrinkles across the width of the backing web.

Primary backing tension control serves many purposes in the Carpet Tufting Industry, depending on the product being tufted and the markets that are sought. The Tru-Tension Backing Control System utilizes an inverter-controlled AC motor to maintain tension equally throughout the backing roll. This allows the motor to assist pulling the primary backing from the roll when the force required to do so exceeds the desired tension. Additionally, the motor acts as a brake when the force necessary to pull the backing from the roll is less than the desired tension. The desired amount of tension is easily user selectable via the tension controller.