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Warper Tight End Detection

Essex Incorporated

Innovative Solutions since 1978

Technical Features:

 Ceramic coated guides and tension rods are ultra smooth and hard resulting in less friction and increased wear resistance.

 Employs our state-of-the-art Opti-Sense technology.

 Designed for quick and easy installation, convenient maintenance, and simple adjustment.

 Detects as little as two ounces of pressure.

 Programmable micro-processor based control system.

 Ceramic guides maintain yarn path integrity.

 Touch Screen user interface allows for precise adjustment of both sensitivity and time delay by zone.

 Ultra fast response time.

 By stopping the process before a yarn breaks overall efficiency is increased.

 Dog-tail design of guides allows for easy thread-up.

The Essex Inc. Warper Tight End Detection System is designed to sense tight-ends originating in the creel be-fore the yarn breaks or causes off-quality conditions. The system evaluates tension via a light sensing assembly and stops the machine when the tension limit is exceeded, before a break occurs.