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Warper Yarn Break Detection

Essex Incorporated

Innovative Solutions since 1978

Technical Features:

 By capturing broken ends before they reach the beam overall efficiency is increased.

 Able to detect broken yarns at very high speeds.

 Ultra-fast response time to prevent lost ends in beam.

 Designed for quick and easy installation.

 Manually adjustable for optimized sensitivity.

 Programmable micro-processor based control system.

 Inherently safe, non-electrical sensing mechanism.

 High speed, reliable optics.

 Extremely wear-resistant Ever-Wear yarn guide preserves yarn path integrity.

The Essex Inc. Warper Yarn Break Detection System is designed to reduce defects caused by broken ends . Its goal is to detect every broken end out of the creel and cease machine operation before the end reaches the beam. Through creative application of existing technology, Essex has established a new standard of excellence in yarn break detection for warpers.