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Automatic Vector Drive System

Essex Incorporated

Innovative Solutions since 1978

System Features:

Motors, Gear heads, & Vector Drives

 Compact inverter-rated AC motors, gear head and vector drives capable of the fast acceleration, high speeds, and high torque required in the tufting process.

 Highly accurate encoder provides precise positional feedback and error checking to eliminate the possibility of runaway situations.

 Totally enclosed, self-cooling motors.

Vector Drive Control & Monitoring Station

 Industrial Operator Interface mounted in NEMA 4 housing.

 Unique data handling capability provides all the necessary tools to handle a vast array of carpet styles.

 Styles can be set up at the touch screen or uploaded via network interface or compact flash card.

 Style data is password protected.

Mechanical gear boxes, drive belts and variable speed pulleys introduce unwanted variation in tufting target weight and expensive down time during style changeover. Our Vector Drive System retrofit eliminates the guesswork and wasted time while providing more consistent repeatable tufted carpet construction. Yarn and backing feed rates are easily user customizable.


 Precise control of tufted weight by maintaining consistent stitch rate and pile height.

 Reduction in time and labor required for style changes. By simply selecting the style on the touch screen all associated style parameters are automatically displayed.

 Reduction in carpet waste at style changes.

 Eliminates inaccurate manual adjustments to gear boxes, belts , and pulleys and eliminates drift caused by slippage and war.

 Real-time display of product specifications.

 Can be installed on new or used machines of practically any configuration.