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Soft Start System with Inverter Motor Control


· Drastically reduces stop marks via the precise control of the machine’s start and stop cycles.

· Operator interface makes adjusting the machine ramp-up and ramp-down straightforward.

· Automatically stops the machine with the needles in the up position, which saves positioning time and makes needle threading easy

· Reduces yarn tension on hooks when machine is stopped.

· Neat and orderly management of all the machine’s e-stop and normal stop circuits.

· Automatically identifies the individual mechanism responsible for machine stops, including e-stops and normal stops.

Utilizing advanced technology, the inverter motor control system provides sophisticated and precise control of the Tufting machine’s main drive motors. The system’s operator interface allows for easy adjustment of the acceleration and deceleration of the tufting machine’s main shaft motors when the machine starts and stops. This system coordinates all the e-stop and normal stop circuits in one cabinet as well as providing a mechanism to stop the machine with the needles up, which improves threading efficiency.