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Opti-Sense Tension Monitoring

Essex Incorporated

Innovative Solutions since 1978

The Essex Inc. Opti-Sense Tight-End Detection System is designed to reduce defects by ceasing machine operation if fiber tension is outside of the prescribed parameters.  The system evaluates  tension via a light sensing assembly and then calculates the percentage of acceptable deviance.  The percentage of deviance is self-calibrating and also manually adjustable.  The Opti-Sense system is designed for easy installation, convenient maintenance, and simple adjustment. 































· Each installation is application engineered for the unique characteristics of the particular machine. No “cookie cutter” systems supplied.

· Designed for quick and easy installation

· Modular construction allows flexibility as to the width of each yarn contact zone.

· Detects as little as two ounces of force.

· Pressure sensitivity is self-calibrating as well as manually adjustable.

· Programmable micro-processor based control system.

· Touch screen operator interface

· Improves quality by eliminating mend defects caused fiber breakage.