PatternPerfect System

When creeling complex color patterns, Pattern Perfect avoids confusion as to which specific color package goes where within the Creel.

Each yarn position has an LED light associated with it.


Thousands of pattern combinations are possible.


Improves Beam quality by eliminating the possibility of color mixing.


Improves efficiency of the creeling procedure. All the Creeler has to do is follow the lights.


Creel set-up for each different color is faster simply select the style number and the LEDs illuminate automatically.


Virtually no maintenance required as LEDs are rated to last thousands of production hours before needing to be replaced.


Perfect for different weight yarn packages associated with multi-pile height Tufting Machines.


Assists with the ultimate goal of Enduring Tufting Department Profitability.

Automatic Illumination System for Warper and Tufting Machine Creels to assist operators to creel correct yarn packages according to specific color or weight criteria. Each yarn package position within the creel has a specific LED light installed next to it, in such a manner that every yarn end has an LED associated with it. That is a Warper Creel that has 120 yarn positions has 1 LED light installed at each position for a total of 120 LEDs. Simply select the style number (lot number, pattern number, etc) from the scrollable list and the LEDs for one specific color at a time will illuminate. This allows Creelers to put-up each color in the pattern one at a time, exactly at the right Creel position - avoiding confusion as to which yarn color goes where in the Creel.

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