Zero Mend System


· The patented “Curtain of Light” is based on Fiber Optic technology.

· Modulating optics eliminates optical “crosstalk”.

· Maximum Excess Gain Control allows operation in the harsh environment, eliminating problems caused by lint, oil, and ambient light.

· Auto Power Control Circuit eliminates light degradation that normally occurs over time.

· Zero Reset Function calculates the light incidence level range between maximum and minimum levels and automatically sets the optimum switching threshold. No guessing and no complicated teaching.

· Monitor Focus Function allows extremely precise sensing required when beaming between yarn rows, by applying the full optical output range to a smaller user-defined, digital range.

· Optical Hysteresis can be adjusted and set to overcome process irregularities such as yarn “flutter”, that can cause false readings (false stops).

· Dual Digital Sensing Control Modules allows precise set-up and monitoring of the sensing value using real-time numbers. Provides real-time feedback of the  sensing conditions.

· Function Lock used to protect essential sensing values from personnel interference. Overcomes “operator contamination”.

· Optimal Switching Response Time of 5 microseconds versus most infra-red sensors of 5 milliseconds, allowing long distance sensing of small objects moving at high speeds.

· Our New Dimension Tight End Detector is easily adjustable over a wide range of sensitivity options, from coarse to extremely fine. Coupled with its own “Curtain of Light”, tight ends and broken ends do not escape detection.

· The Master Control Unit incorporates a technologically advanced Programmable Logic Control module for extremely fast cease-operation signals sent to the tufting machine stop circuit. Also, can be easily adapted for data gathering functions.

· Alarm lights on the Master Control Panel and Tight End Detector allow for easy  discovery of the broken/ tight end by the operator.

· Each system is Application Engineered for one purpose—Zero Mend Defects.


· Advanced quality via elimination of mend defects caused by broken yarn and/or tight ends.

· Since most of the broken yarn ends are captured between the creel header and the tufting machine, machine efficiency is optimized because rethreading of the yarn feed system is minimized.

· Machine downtime is minimized since sensor re-alignment caused by machine vibration is eliminated. Your yarn break/tight end systems are working for you 100% of the time to eliminate mend defects.

· The sensing conditions appear digitally as “real-time” numbers and are easily monitored...and adjusted, if a change of the tufted product so warrants.

· Environmental contamination is eliminated; system never reacts adversely to ambient light conditions.

· Zero Mend Defects is a giant step toward “enduring Tufting Department profitability”.

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