· Substantially improves machine efficiency by minimizing downtime—the operator is given verbal instructions as to the problem causing the machine to cease operation.

· Allows one person to operate multiple tufting machines. The operator knows what is occurring with her machines at all times.

· Uses proprietary “EARS” communication software to “talk” to the operator.

· Very little, if any maintenance is required for MOCS since there are no moving parts.

· It is possible for one MOCS to report for  up to 4 tufting machines.

· Each MOCS is Application Engineered by Essex for the particular tufting machines to be monitored.

· Add the Essex Vision Monitoring System and easily establish a Tufting Control Module for operating multiple tufting machines per one operator.

By Utilizing Radio Wave technology we can audibly communicate with the operator via our communication module. The operator carries  a two-way radio with remote speaker/microphone to hear audible instructions from the machine. For instance, if Tufting Machine #40 stops because of a tight end that occurred on zone one of the Tight End Detector, the operator will hear our audible system say-


“machine 40, tight end, zone one; machine 40, tight end, zone one, etc.”


The voice will continue to repeat until the tight end at zone one, on machine #40 is repaired and the machine is operating again. Operators can also communicate with each other to coordinate this function. The end result being that the Operator Communication System is integrated with our Zero Mend and/or Video Monitoring Systems to allow direct audible communication with the Operator. With our communication system, a span of over 300ft. in any direction is possible. This would allow the operator to receive communication while she is otherwise occupied at another machine, or in the creel, or anywhere else for that matter.  System can accommodate two languages of your choice.

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